This video was originally produced with the intention of being broadcast on a local cable public access station.

I decided that the final product was not suited for that purpose.

Some of the material in here is a little rough for family cable TV. However, it is a good presentation of a Hudson County businessman who made many friends during his years in that business.

Thanks go out to Tony Maita, Chuck Wepner, Tom Murphy, Eddie Bergin, Larry Daly, and Ed (Ocean Eddie) Dyjeczynski..

December 17, 2011

I put up this page and the youtube videos in July of 2011. Just recently, people have been telling me that they saw the videos online. It seems that the youtube clips are getting hits because someone put the links on their facebook page. Whoever that is, thank you.

The theme song at the end of show is Yacht Club Swing by Fats Waller, performed by Sol Yaged and used by permission.